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Nurture Your Emotional Health


Welcome! Within my website I hope to provide you details about my practice, services provided, and a little information about myself.


I believe each of us has unique strengths and experiences that help us navigate life’s challenges. However, sometimes, we find ourselves struggling with overwhelming worry or sadness, stressed by life transitions, stuck in painful relationships, or feeling lonely and disconnected. It can seem that no matter how hard we try, our usual ways of coping do not seem to work, and we can’t seem to overcome these challenges on our own.


Whether these challenges are a result of recent life events, or have been present for a long time, we can work together to begin the process of healing and create meaningful change in your life. I recognize it can be difficult to seek help, and I admire the courage that it takes. At the heart of my work with my clients is the belief that a trusting, collaborative, and empathic therapeutic relationship serves as the foundation for clients to improve their psychological health. 


I provide therapy services to adults, children, couples, and families. Please feel free to explore my website to learn more about the psychological services I provide. I also invite you to call for a free phone consultation to discuss your unique situation and answer any questions you might have about the therapy process. 

Take Care,

Dr. Sarah Atkins


Dr. Sarah Atkins

I am a licensed psychologist in the Twin Cities providing informed and compassionate therapy services for adults, children, couples, and families. Please check out the "About" section to learn more about me and my clinical training and experience. 

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